The Story Behind Ground Coffee

Ground Coffee Copper Cow Coffee

Since our founding in 2017, Copper Cow Coffee has been synonymous with our Vietnamese pour over coffees and latte kits. The unique single-serve filters that sit over your mug put us on the map, and customers fell in love with the experience of slowing down to make their daily coffee a little extra special. (They even landed us on Shark Tank!) 

So if we built our foundation on the pour-over format, why did we decide to start offering new ways to brew? Here’s the story behind our new 12oz bags of Ground Coffee. 

Why Ground Coffee?

Our founder Debbie said it best: "The more we’ve learned about our customers’ coffee routines, the more inspired I’ve become to make our coffee better fit their daily lives. Whether it's a big pot of Churro Coffee for the office or an afternoon Lavender Latte for one, adding Ground Coffee to the lineup offers even more opportunities for people to create those moments of coffee joy. It also gives us an incredible opportunity to support our Vietnamese coffee farmers in an even bigger way.”

There are some whole bean coffee loyalists out there who would say ground coffee just can’t provide the same flavor experience as a fresh grind right before brewing. But we’re all about our customers - and we heard from our community that ground coffee is your go-to! While our pour-over coffees don’t require any special equipment, we still wanted our Ground Coffee to be super easy and stress-free to integrate into your daily coffee ritual without any fancy tools. We believe you can get a brew that’s just as delicious -  plus the convenience of not needing to get out the coffee grinder (and wake up the whole house in the process). 

We also believe that when it comes to coffee, more is more! And while our single-serve coffees are fun and convenient, sometimes you want to pour a third (or fifth) cup, make friends at the office by brewing up a big pot of Churro Coffee, or share a french press with a friend.  

vietnamese ground coffee

What makes Copper Cow Ground Coffee Different?

There are a LOT of options when you're browsing the coffee aisle - so what makes Copper Cow Coffee the best option? Glad ya asked!

Deliciously smooth & rich. Whether you enjoy it black or with creamer, hot or iced, pour over or auto drip, you can sip a barista-quality coffee from home. It's so smooth that even some creamer devotees have been known to enjoy it black. And with thousands of 5-star reviews - including from self-described "coffee snobs"  - you may never go back to another ground coffee.

Made with real, whole herbs and spices. We love a flavored coffee - but have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly is in those "natural and artificial flavors" on the ingredient label? We don't think you should have to guess. We flavor our coffees with only real herbs and spices like vanilla beans and cinnamon ground right into the coffee - nothing else.

Sustainably sourced. We pay our farmers twice the market rate for our coffee beans so that they can focus on quality instead of just quantity. The result: they've drastically reduced their chemical farming practices, and you get to enjoy a better tasting cup.

What brewing tools work with Ground Coffee?

One potential downside of purchasing pre-ground coffee is that it’s not always compatible with your favorite brewing devices. The universal medium grind of our 12oz bags of coffee means that we optimized the grind size to work with most common coffee tools, including a conventional drip coffee maker, Chemex, pour over, french press, Aeropress, percolator or Vietnamese phin

While we covered as many brewing methods as possible, there are a few situations where our Ground Coffee may not be the best option. If you’re an espresso aficionado, you probably know that a fine grind is needed to pull the perfect shot. Same goes for a Moka Pot. So if those are your go-to, you’ll want to skip the medium grind and choose something finer or grind it yourself.

What does our Ground Coffee taste like?

If you’ve tried our pour-over coffees, then you already have a great idea of what our Ground Coffee tastes like!

  • Dark Roast
  • Sustainably sourced from the highlands of the Dalat region in Vietnam
  • 70% robusta / 30% arabica coffee bean blend
  • Mocha and nutty undertones
  • Smooth and rich
  • Flavors made with real whole herbs and spices
ground coffee for french press

What flavors are available?

Ground Coffee is available in four of our core flavors:

  • Classic: Bold, smooth, dark roast Vietnamese coffee with subtle chocolate and nutty notes, and nothing else added. 

  • Vanilla: Dark roast Vietnamese coffee ground with 100% real vanilla beans for a sweet and lightly floral flavor.

  • Churro: Dark roast Vietnamese coffee ground with real cinnamon for a warm and decadent blend.

  • Salted Caramel: Dark roast Vietnamese coffee with a sprinkle of salt, which naturally highlights the buttery flavors in the bold blend, for a deliciously subtle caramel flavor.