Find Your Brewing Method Based on Your Favorite Flavor

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best coffee brewing method

With new 12oz bags of Copper Cow Ground Coffee, the brewing possibilities are endless! So where is a coffee lover to start? Our universal medium grind is compatible with most types of coffee brewing tools, and it will definitely make a delicious cup in your trusty drip coffee machine.

But if you're looking to try a new brewing method, find your favorite flavor (or flavors) below, and we'll tell you what tool to try!

What's Your Favorite Coffee Flavor?

black vietnamese ground coffee

Classic Black Coffee:

Some say basic - we prefer "classic." Why mess with a good thing, right? If you prefer Classic black coffee, you're probably a straight shooter and have an appreciation for efficiency and simple things done really well.

Of course, we could say a simple drip coffee maker suits your needs - but sometimes even a black coffee drinker wants to change it up! As someone who values efficiency and quality equally, we think your new go-to brewing method should be the AeroPress.

Invented by a retired Stanford engineering professor, it's durable and lightweight, makes one espresso-style or filter strength cup of coffee in 60 seconds, and brings out the full flavor of the beans without the acidity - all perfect for black coffee drinkers' needs!

churro flavored ground coffee

Churro Coffee:
Vietnamese Phin

Churro Coffee people love to spice things up. You love a cozy morning in as much as the next person, but you're adventurous at heart, always looking for new creative ventures, and - some might even say - a risk-taker. 

That's why we recommend you change things up by trying out a Vietnamese phin filter! This traditional brewing method is similar to other pour over or drip methods, but makes a smaller, stronger cup of coffee that will definitely have you fueled for whatever surprises your day brings. 

The phin is a great way to bring out the full flavor of the cinnamon and our Vietnamese coffee blend. Try it over ice with sweetened condensed milk for a fun twist on an authentic Vietnamese coffee.

natural vanilla ground coffee

Vanilla Coffee:
Cold Brew

Like your go-to Vanilla coffee, you're warm, sweet, and thoughtful yet low maintenance. You may not be the most adventurous, but your go with the flow attitude means you can make friends with almost anyone - just like Vanilla pairs well with so many flavors.

That's why we recommend cold brew as your perfect brewing method. The ideal combo of practical and fun, cold brew requires a little patience and forethought, but gives you one of the best effort to reward ratios of any brewing method. Brewing it ahead means you're always ready to share a cup with friends who drop by, and the slow brewing process is the perfect way to bring out the subtle vanilla notes.

salted caramel ground coffee

Salted Caramel Coffee:


Salted Caramel people are all about subtle luxury. You love to indulge and appreciate the finer things in life, but - like the balance of sweet and salty in your coffee - you believe in working hard and playing hard.

That's why your perfect brewing method is the iconic Chemex. The aesthetic glass carafe brings all the luxe vibes to your kitchen while making a cup of coffee that's easy enough for drip coffeemaker loyalists and elevated enough for coffee snobs - a perfect combo for Salted Caramel lovers. The taste? Rich and strong, but never bitter. And it makes enough for a couple highly caffeinated cups so you can keep the energy flowing from your morning routine to your afternoon to-do list.