Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Update: One Year Later

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank
Is robusta coffee good?

It’s been one year since our founder and CEO, Debbie Wei Mullin, introduced Copper Cow Coffee to the world on Shark Tank! Here’s a look behind the scenes at Debbie’s experience - and an update on what’s happened at Copper Cow since then.

Behind The Scenes: A Shark Tank Q&A with Founder Debbie Wei Mullin

Debbie Wei Mullin Copper Cow Coffee

Q: What was the hardest thing about preparing for the show?

Debbie: To be real - it was just getting used to the idea of being on national television.  As a woman growing up in the United States, I think we hold ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards. The idea of being on television - where you normally watch the most beautiful people in the world - was daunting as a real, dorky civilian.  It's something I've always battled as a founder;  I watch my male counterparts show up in branded t-shirts, while as a female CEO, I know I am held to a different standard when it comes to how I look and dress. Being on the show put both a major microscope and amplifier on me all at once, but also really scared the fear out of me! It has made me more fearless about showing up publicly!

What was the most surprising thing about appearing on Shark Tank?

Debbie: How real the pitch was!  Real investor questions, real banter, real investments at stake. I thought there would be more TV-rich storytelling, but we really spent over an hour talking about the core of what makes my business work - just like any other pitch.

Who is your favorite Shark?

Debbie: OMG, definitely Lori. She is a class act. While she was the first shark to go out (since she likes her coffee weak, which we don't do at Copper Cow Coffee), she was so incredibly supportive, and always tried to steer the conversation in a way that would make me look better for the investors and for air time. She inspired me with how elegantly she supported me when she didn't have to.

How has Shark Tank impacted the company? Did Copper Cow Coffee make a deal?

Debbie: While we were excited that Robert made us a deal on the show, we ended up not going through with the deal after airing. Still, the experience has been fantastic - so many fans and new customers.  We're very thankful for the exposure and the community it has brought.

If you had to choose, what CCC flavor is your favorite?

Debbie: Lavender!  It was my first flavored coffee, inspired by a local coffee shop favorite, and it's still my go-to comfort moment.

Copper Cow Coffee Shark Tank Update

Update: What Happened After Shark Tank

It’s been one year since Copper Cow Coffee’s episode aired…and so many exciting things have happened!

  • We went nationwide in Whole Foods Market, and added lots of other retail locations like Sprouts, Walmart, H-E-B, and lots of small retailers. (You can even find us in-room at several hotels!)

  • Our team grew from six people to 15 - and counting!

  • We’ve launched 13 new products, including new coffee flavorscreamers, and bundles of our bestselling flavors!

  • We helped our coffee farming partners in Vietnam reduce chemicals inputs to their growing process by 30% through initiatives like composting the coffee cherries (normally considered a waste product of the coffee plant) for use as fertilizer. 

  • A MAJOR new addition to our product lineup is launching soon! (Join our SMS list to be the first to hear about it.)

We’re so grateful to everyone who discovered Copper Cow Coffee through the show, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for the next year!

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