We bring the barista to you

Take the run out of your coffee run

Prep it:

Open the filter and position it on your cup.

Pour it:

Fill filter with hot water 2-6 times to achieve your preferred strength.

Squeeze it:

Add in your favorite Copper Cow Creamer, or enjoy as-is if you’re a coffee purist.

Savor it:

Enjoy an elevated moment of pure Vietnamese coffee bliss any time, anywhere.

Have your coffee the way you like it

Vietnamese Style

For the traditional, stronger Vietnamese style like you’d find in Saigon, fill your filter 2-3 times. This should give you about 4oz.

American Style

For a larger American style, fill your filter 4-6 times. This will give you 6-8oz of coffee.

Over 5,000 brewers have spoken

Delicious Variety

"I love showing off the different flavors to people and showing them how easy it is to get a quality cup of vietnamese coffee (most people have never even had it before)"


Best coffee. Period.

"Copper Cow Coffee is not only the yummiest and easiest coffee I’ve found to make at home by far, but I also love getting to support an aapi women-owned company. The flavor combos are endlessly delicious, and I get to pause during my day to brew a little cup of joy."


My Favorite!

"Copper Cow Coffee has refueled my love of coffee, after not drinking it for seven years! It's easy to prepare, travel friendly, and most importantly, delicious. I look forward to my Copper Cow in the morning - it’s a hug in a cup!"


Meet the Copper Cow Team

Debbie Wei Mullin

Founder, CEO

Favorite Flavor — Lavender, hot.

Becca Nordeen

Chief of Staff

Favorite Flavor — Rose lattes served hot are my favorite!

Emile Chin-Dickey

VP of Finance and Supply Chain

Favorite Flavor — My favorite flavor is between Mint and Vanilla.

Jay Poropatich

VP of Marketing

Favorite Flavor — I drink the Classic, and take it black (creamer on the weekends!)

Kate Strollo

Director of Digital Marketing

Favorite Flavor — Salted Caramel, but iced Churro is a close second.

Ashley Anderson

Director of Sales

Favorite Flavor — I love to start my days with a hot Classic latte.

Brian Haines

Senior Design Manager

Favorite Flavor — I love making a big batch of Vanilla cold brew.

Kelly Cunningham

Sr. Manager, CRM Marketing

Favorite Flavor — The Chai Tea & Vanilla latte are my go-tos.

Dalilah Arja

Sr. Manager, Brand Marketing

Favorite Flavor — Hands down, Salted Caramel. I love the salty sweetness.

Sofi Rodriguez

Graphic Designer

Favorite Flavor — Churro has a special place in my heart.

Maria Lapuz

Operations Coordinator

Favorite Flavor — Love the Salted Caramel and Vanilla Lattes + Matcha and Chai for tea.

JC Lapuz

Customer Service Support

Favorite Flavor — The Classic (hot) is my favorite!

Michael McLean

Lead Data Analyst

Favorite Flavor — You simply can't go wrong with the plain Lavender coffee.

Mylinh Baumgardner

Director of Operations

Favorite Flavor — Classic and Mocha are my favorites!

McKenna Ruzga


Favorite Flavor — Vanilla, always with creamer!

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