Copper Cow Coffee Quad Squad Bundle with Copper Cow Coffee Classic Kit, Copper Cow Coffee Lavender Latte, Copper Cow Coffee Rose Latte and Copper Cow Coffee Thai Iced Tea kit
Copper Cow Coffee and Tea Drops Thai Iced Tea  kit with contents on table

Quad Squad Bundle

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The Quad Squad Bundle includes our Classic Kit, Lavender Latte, Thai Tea Kit and our newly released Rose Latte flavor! All of our flavors in one colorful bundle! Shipped in our premium Quad Squad box.

Each kit comes with the following:

  • Classic Kit: 5 pour over coffees + 5 milk packets
  • Lavender Latte Kit: 5 pour over coffees + 5 milk packets
  • Rose Latte Kit: 5 pour over coffees + 5 milk packets
  • Thai Tea Kit: 5 Thai teas + 5 milk packets

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