Irish Coffee Recipe

irish coffee

Our take on a classic Irish Coffee is a delicious way to warm up on a chilly spring morning or as a post-dinner drink after your St. Patty's feast. This recipe makes enough for two, but feel free to adjust for a group!

Irish Coffee Ingredients

Makes 2 servings, but feel free to brew extra if you're serving a crowd!


Step 1

Pour heavy cream and Creamer packet into a mixing bowl. Using a hand mixer, electric whisk, or stand mixer, whisk until soft peaks form. You want a pillowy texture -- not liquid but not quite as thick as whipped cream.

Step 2

Brew your coffee using preferred method. Once brewed, add 1 cup to each of your mugs.

Step 3

Add 2 oz Irish Whiskey to each coffee. Evenly divide remaining creamer among the 2 mugs. Stir to combine.

Step 4

Top each coffee with the whipped, creamy foam. Garnish with cocoa powder or chocolate shavings and enjoy!