Perfecting your pour over

Making a great cup of Vietnamese coffee at home takes a little TLC. Just follow the steps below and you'll be on your way to crafting your brew.

How to Brew

Filter being placed over clear pink mug

Hang Your Filter

Remove your filter from the packet, and tear open the bag of coffee grounds on the perforated line. Then hang the wings of the bag on each side of your cup.

Water being poured over coffee filter in clear pink mug.

Brew Your Grounds

Add about 1oz. of water to soak your coffee for 30 seconds. This will purge any carbon dioxide left over from the roasting process. Then fill your filter to the top 2-3 more times for a traditional Vietnamese brew.

Creamer being squeezed into finished cup of coffee in clear pink mug.

Squeeze and Stir

Add as much creamer as you would like, and stir it into your coffee. Congratulations, you've achieved the perfect brew!

Your Cup, Your Way

Illustrated image of Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese Style

To get a strong cup of coffee like you’d find on the streets of Vietnam, only fill your filter 2-3 times - or roughly 4oz.

Illustrated image of American style coffee.

American Style

To achieve a larger, more American style coffee of 6oz.-8oz., fill your filter 4-6 times with hot water.

What's in a cup of Copper Cow Coffee?

✔️  Sustainably sourced and organic coffee beans

✔️ All-natural flavors with no added chemicals

✔️ Organic milk and sugar