Ways to Use Sweetened Condensed Milk: Ideas for Using Our Creamer

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Sweetened-condensed milk is the perfect addition to all kinds of treats and recipes, from pies to fudge to tres leches cake. But in Vietnamese coffee culture, it has a much more important purpose – it's mixed into strong coffee to make delicious, traditional Vietnamese brew.

We created our sweetened-condensed milk Creamers as a way to make this traditional drink even more convenient. But there are dozens more ways to use our all-natural coffee creamer. Here are some of our favorite ways to make sweetened-condensed milk the most versatile treat in your pantry!

sweetened condensed milk pancakes

What is Sweetened Condensed Milk?


Sweetened-condensed milk is a thick, creamy, and sweet milk that typically comes in a can. (Our Creamers are single-serve packets!) Milk is condensed by removing most of the water content through a heating process. This process also kills any bacteria in milk, which, along with the addition of sugar, helps make the milk shelf-stable for years. 

The result is a delicious, shelf-stable creamer with just milk and sugar –  no preservatives, no oils, and no artificial flavors. It also happens to taste absolutely delicious in coffee, desserts, or drizzled on your favorite treats. And makes it a great creamer for on-the-go, camping, traveling, or just busy days. 

Ways to Use Sweetened Condensed Milk

Because it doesn't need to be refrigerated and comes in convenient single-serving packets, our all natural Creamers are insanely versatile. Here are a few of our favorite tips and ways to use your Classic or Mocha Creamer.

  1. Make a latte or iced coffee: This one might be obvious, but sweetened condensed milk is the perfect way to make a deliciously sweet and creamy latte or iced coffee. 
  2. Spread it on a pastry, toast, or a croissant (especially our Mocha Creamer!)
  3. Drizzle on oatmeal
  4. Add to smoothie or Acai bowls
  5. Jazz up your pancakes, waffles, or french toast
  6. Dip or top fresh fruit like strawberries, raspberries, kiwis, melon, or blueberries
  7. Top shaved ice for a sweet and refreshing twist on a traditional treat
  8. Make one-ingredient caramel by heating it on a stovetop or using this oven method
  9. Blend with avocado, milk, and ice – sounds odd, but it's a delicious Vietnamese treat that's way tastier than a green juice
  10. Top stone fruits: Drizzle a bit of sweetened condensed milk on peaches or plums and bake on low heat until they begin to caramelize
  11. Gift it: Put several pouches of our Creamers in a festive tin for a coffee-loving bestie
  12. Stash it: Toss one of our Creamer packets in your desk drawer or bag so you can jazz up a basic cup of coffee at the office or even out and about at restaurants, coffee shops, or at school.
  13. Pack it: Whether you love a delicious camp coffee by the fire, need to jazz up an in-flight brew, or need to upgrade your hotel coffee, toss a couple Creamers in your carry-on.
  14. Keep it on hand for guests: Even if you don't use creamer yourself, sometimes you have guests who prefer it. You can keep a box of Copper Cow Creamers on hand without worrying about spoilage.