Vietnamese Egg Coffee - Ca Phe Trung Recipe

vietnamese egg coffee

Vietnamese Egg Coffee -

Cà phê trứng

  • Prep: 5 min
  • Servings: 1


ca phe trung - vietnamese egg coffee


Step 1

Brew a cup of Vietnamese coffee using a Copper Cow Coffee single-serve pour over filter, or add ground coffee to a phin or espresso maker. You can brew using any method you like, but you want a small, strong cup of concentrated coffee.

Step 2

While your coffee is brewing, whisk together your egg yolk and sweetened-condensed milk in a small bowl. An electric whisk can be helpful!

Step 3

Pour the egg and sweetened-condensed milk mixture into your cup of brewed coffee, stirring constantly as you pour. 

Step 4

Pour over ice if desired and enjoy!

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