Pour Over vs Ground Coffee: A Copper Cow Coffee Guide

pour over vs ground coffee

If your job has moved to a hybrid office/work from home schedule, you know that it can throw your coffee ritual wayyy out of whack. One day you're making a fancy latte in the kitchen between Zoom calls and the next you're trying to grab a cup as you run out the door, dropping $8 at the coffee shop, or suffering through the burnt office coffee. Same goes if you spend a lot of time travelling for work or for fun.


Our single serve pour over coffee and latte kits put Copper Cow Coffee on the map back in 2017 (they even landed us on Shark Tank!) – but we knew our smooth, nutty Vietnamese coffee could be so much more versatile than that! 


After listening to customer feedback, we added Ground Coffee to our lineup in summer 2022. This do-it-all option is great for brewing for a crew (or for two!) or using your favorite brewing tools at home. Here's a quick reference guide on brewing your favorite coffee at home and at the office – or wherever your adventures take you!

At Home: Ground Coffee

When you're brewing coffee at home, you have endless options to customize your brew. Copper Cow Ground Coffee has a medium grind size, which makes it a versatile option for many different brewing tools:

  1. Classic Drip Coffee: If ease is the name of the game, or if you need to brew more than two cups of coffee, a good old drip coffee maker is perfect for your daily ritual. Use approximately a 1:17 ratio of coffee to water (roughly 2 tbsp ground coffee per 6 oz of water).
  2. French Press: One of our community's favorite brewing tools is the French Press - and for good reason! If you're brewing a couple cups, this method yields a full-bodied cup of coffee without much fuss. Simply combine your coffee and hot water in the French Press, allow it to steep for 4-5 minutes, and press down the plunger.
  3. Chemex or Pour Over: Coffee enthusiasts love a pour over because of the control it provides when it comes to temperature, speed, taste and quantity. Just set up your stand or Chemex with a filter, measure grounds to your liking, and pour hot water (around 205 degrees) over the grounds. We recommend a gooseneck kettle for the easiest experience!
  4. Cold Brew: It's like the meal prep of coffee! Make a big batch of cold brew by combining 1 cup of grounds for every 4 cups of water in a large jar. Steep in the fridge or at room temperature for 12-24 hours, then strain using a mesh sieve or cheesecloth. (Alternatively, you can use a French Press or cloth cold brew bag for this process). 
  5. Vietnamese Phin: If you'd like to try a traditional Vietnamese Phin, you can find instructions here.

At the Office & On the Go: Single Serve Pour Overs

Long days at the office or on the road usually call for an extra strong – and extra delicious – cup of coffee. Here are some ideas to get a caffeine fix that feels more “treat yourself” and less “it'll do.”

  1. Single Serve Pour Over Coffee: If you drink your coffee black, Copper Cow Pour Over coffee filters are the gold standard for a convenient brew that doesn't sacrifice taste. Keep a few flavors stocked in your desk drawer, work bag, or travel bag. Just open, place the prefilled filter over a cup or mug, and pour hot water over the grounds.
  2. Latte for One: For those who would rather skip their coffee altogether than skip the cream and sugar, Copper Cow Creamers or Latte Kits are a gamechanger. Since they're shelf-stable and single-serve, they're great to keep at your desk, in your carry-on, or even in your camping backpack so you never have to suffer through a sad cup again.
  3. Cold Brew on the go: Paying $6 for a cold brew should be a crime when it's THIS EASY! Bring a mason jar or wide-mouth water bottle to work or on your travels, and add 1-2 unopened pour-over filters. Fill to the top with cold water and steep in a fridge or at room temp for at least 12 hours. Boom! You have cold brew anywhere!

Pour Over vs Ground Coffee

The decision between single serve pour over vs ground coffee will depend on your lifestyle and needs! We love keeping both on hand to have options for home, the office, and travels. Some days, it's also nice to have a bonus pour over for an afternoon pick-me-up! It all comes down to personal preference, and you can't go wrong with either option.