Mocha Cold Foam Iced Coffee Recipe

mocha cream cold foam

It’s silky, it’s smooth, and it’s really easy to make! Add a Mocha Cream Cold Foam to your next iced coffee or cold brew for the perfect summer treat.

Mocha Cold Foam Iced Coffee Ingredients


Step 1

While your brewed coffee is cooling, pour the heavy whipping cream into a small bowl or glass.

Step 2

Pour half of the Mocha Creamer in with the heavy cream and mix with a frother or whisk. 

Step 3

Froth or whisk until the cream and the mocha mixes, and creates a foamy consistency (about 15-20 seconds).

Step 4

Pour your brewed coffee over ice and top with the mocha cold foam. 

Pro-tip: You can save the other half of your Mocha Creamer in the fridge to use later. Be sure to use it within 3 days of opening.

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