Making Coffee On-the-Go: 5 Tips for a Better Travel Brew

coffee on the go

When you're on the go, the coffee options can be, well, lackluster. Airplane coffee? A little suspicious. Drive thru? Eats into your vacation budget pretty fast. Instant coffee? Practical but not exactly a treat. That hotel dispenser that's been brewing for 12 hours? Flavorful - but not always in a good way.


Luckily, if you're willing to get a little creative, there are lots of ways to make a coffee on the go that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee drinker. Whether you travel for work, prefer your coffee around a campfire, or are headed on a much-needed getaway, here are some tips to take your travel coffee to new heights.

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5 Tips for Better Coffee On the Go


  1. Invest in a great travel mug.

    If you’re a coffee person, you know: THE MUG MATTERS. A great travel cup that keeps your coffee hot (or icy, if that’s your style), fits nicely in a cupholder, and doesn’t spill when you’re speed walking or taking turns a little too fast is a must. Plus, everything just tastes better in a nice mug - it’s science.

  2. Make it a latte. 

    Black coffee is dependable. It’s practical. It’s simple. But if you prefer your coffee light and sweet, there’s nothing better than tossing a couple of our Classic Creamer or Mocha Creamer packets in your bag to transform that basic cup into something a little extra special.


  3. Bring an electric whisk.

    The height of luxurious coffee: that deliciously creamy, foamy top. You may not be able to bring a steamer on-the-go, but a small battery operated whisk can turn any coffee into a frothy delight. Just add your favorite creamer or plant-based milk and give it a quick whisk!


  4. Go for a flavor.

    Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to settle for basic black coffee! Treat yourself to a flavored coffee for the perfect me-time moment wherever you go. Sipping a Lavender Latte made with real lavender at 30,000 feet? Delightful.


  5. Keep it fresh.

    If you're bringing your own ground coffee along, an airtight container is key to keeping that fresh flavor. If you're feeling fancy, a mini stainless or vacuum sealed canister is ideal, but some coffee lovers swear by film canisters to hold a perfect (and budget friendly) single serving of grounds.