London Fog Coffee Latte

london fog coffee latte
London Fog Coffee Latte

Love the taste of a London Fog but want to dial up the energy boost? With our floral and citrusy Earl Grey Latte, this recipe’s got you covered. For a step-by-step video of this recipe, check out our Instagram.

While this recipe is served over ice, you can easily make this warm for those colder days. To make it hot, warm the milk and Latte Creamer over the stove before whisking and omit the ice!

London Fog Coffee Latte Ingredients


Step 1

Brew 8 ounces of Earl Grey Coffee and let it cool while you make the sweet cold foam.

Step 2

Pour the entire contents of a Latte Creamer into the dairy or milk alternative. Whisk or froth until thick and foamy - about 30 seconds with an electric frother or 1-3 minutes with a whisk.

Step 3

Put it all together and enjoy!

Want to see a step-by-step tutorial for this London Fog Coffee Latte? Check it out on Instagram!

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