Chai Ice Cubes

chai ice cubes

A delicious iced chai is one of the simplest joys of a summer morning or sunny afternoon. By prepping chai ice cubes (or should we say...chai-ce cubes?), you can easily enjoy a creamy, frothy treat any time. Bonus: they're also perfect to add to an iced coffee for an iced dirty chai!

Chai Ice Cube Ingredients


Step 1

Brew an extra strong chai tea concentrate by adding 5 Chai Tea Drops to a glass measuring cup or heat-safe bowl. Pour 20 oz hot water over the Tea Drops and stir well to dissolve.

*see note about Using your Creamer

Step 2

Let cool slightly, then pour into an ice cube tray. Depending on the size of your tray, you may need two. (A typical ice cube tray holds about 1 oz water per well.)

Step 3

Freeze until solid. When you're ready to enjoy, add a few Chai Ice Cubes to a glass and pour your favorite milk or brewed coffee over the top. Sip and enjoy!

*Tip: Using your Creamer

Your Chai Latte Kit comes with 5 Classic Creamer packets. If you enjoy the recipe as written, you can use your Creamer for other coffees at home or on the go.

Alternatively, you can mix them into your hot Chai, then freeze as directed and use with iced coffee for a dirty chai latte.