Behind Our Packaging Rebrand

copper cow new packaging

If you've been around here for awhile, you've probably noticed Copper Cow Coffee packaging has a fun new look! We debuted our rebrand at Expo West 2024 and were so grateful for the incredible response from our retailers, partners, and most importantly, our community of customers.

Whether you come from a design background or not, you can probably imagine how much work and love goes into a rebrand like this. Most companies partner with a design agency to do a full packaging overhaul -- but we're proud to say we completed this visual rebrand in-house! Here's the story behind the brew.

Copper Cow Coffee Packaging: A Brief History

When we originally launched in 2017 as a direct-to-consumer brand, our sleek and modern brand identity nodded to the high quality and elevated coffee culture boom. After building our foundation as a company on our viral pour-over latte kits, we launched full-size bags of Ground Coffee in 2022. In alignment with our pour-over packaging, these bags had a sleek, minimal design -- but they also had a more muted color palette and smaller font.

As Copper Cow continued expanding into retail channels like Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and Thrive Market and reaching more households, it was evident we needed to bring to life our true value propositions – joyful and ethical sipping. We wanted to highlight our core values beyond our original pour-over format. It only made sense to revisit our branding and packaging to make it as bold as what we stand for.

The Inspiration

We know that once people try our coffee, they're usually a customer for life. But we wanted an eye-catching design that would inspire people to pick up a bag or box off the shelf and see what we're all about!

The new packaging was designed to embrace a bolder, more playful energy that our customers already associated with our brand and products. Breaking out of the rigid, geometric framing we previously used, Copper Cow Art Director Brian Haines (the designer behind our new look) incorporated joyful shapes and colors with a bigger, brighter palette. Cow prints are a nod to our brand name, while the sides of the bags feature a pattern inspired by the hats traditionally worn by Vietnamese coffee farmers.

“The foundation for Copper Cow Coffee’s brand refresh was to invoke a richer and more vibrant brand experience that matched the bold flavors of our coffee," says Brian.

"Our goal was to design packaging that communicated a sense of joy. In the end, we believe we achieved an engaging product block that’s sure to jump off the coffee aisle shelves.”

Bringing the Fun Back to the Coffee Aisle

We're so excited for you to find our newly redesigned Ground Coffee, Pour Overs, and Latte Kits on shelves at a retailer near you! You can always stock up here on our website or online through Amazon, Thrive Market, and other online retailers. We hope the new look brings a little extra pep to your favorite morning routine!