Milk Tea Coffee Boba Recipe

milk tea coffee boba

A sweet, creamy boba tea on a hot summer day is hard to beat. But what if you didn't have to head to the closest bubble tea shop to enjoy a delicious Milk Tea Coffee Boba? This recipe makes it possible! Made with traditional tapioca boba pearls and our limited edition Milk Tea Coffee latte kit, this twist on a traditional Hong Kong Milk Tea packs a serious caffeine punch and a whole lot of flavor – but is made with only real ingredients!

Milk Tea Coffee Boba Ingredients


Step 1

Brew your Milk Tea Coffee by placing 1 prefilled filter on a cup, tearing off the top, and pouring hot water according to package instructions.

Step 2

While your coffee steeps, prepare your boba pearls according to package instructions. Most require boiling, then rinsing in cold water before use. 

Step 3

Stir 1 packet of the Classic Creamer (included in your latte kit) into the brewed coffee. If you prefer a less strong, more milky bubble tea, you can add an extra splash of any milk. 

Step 4

Add prepared boba to the bottom of a glass. Add ice. Pour coffee and creamer mixture over the top. Enjoy!