How to Make Better Coffee On the Go

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When you're on the go, the coffee options can be, well, lackluster. Airplane coffee? A little suspicious. Drive thru? Eats into your vacation budget pretty fast. Instant coffee? Practical but not exactly a treat. That hotel dispenser that's been brewing for 12 hours? Flavorful - but not always in a good way.

Luckily, if you're willing to get a little creative, there are lots of ways to make a coffee on the go that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee drinker. Whether you travel for work, prefer your coffee around a campfire, or are headed on a much-needed getaway, here are some brewing methods and tips to take your travel coffee to new heights.

Best Ways to Make Coffee Without a Machine

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Coffee on the Go: Brewing Methods

Pour Over

Pour overs are a great option because at their most basic level, they only require hot water, ground coffee, a cone, and a filter - no machines or electricity. You can find packable filter cones that can be placed right over a mug to enjoy a pour over while traveling. Or try one of our favorite methods - the Vietnamese phin!

But if you're packing light or don't want to deal with the fuss of the setup, Copper Cow single serve pour over coffees are the perfect way to indulge on-the-go. Just place the filter over a mug or cup, tear off the top, and pour hot water over the grounds! You can even enjoy it on a flight - just ask for hot water and an extra cup (and extra Biscoff cookies for dipping, duh.)


If you travel or camp enough that you want the gold standard for on-the-go coffee, it may be worth investing in an Aeropress. Using the pressure of your hand on a plunger, the Aeropress forces hot water through the coffee grounds and a thin paper filter directly into a cup. You’ll only get one cup at a time, but the tool itself is lightweight, durable, and makes a great cup of coffee, which makes it a favorite for travelers.

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French Press

If you’re a french press devotee, you’ll be happy to know you can take it along on your adventures! If you’re camping or need something a little more rugged, skip the glass french press and opt for a stainless steel or BPA-free, shatter-resistant plastic version. If you’re camping or hiking, you can even choose a kettle/french press combo kettle that will heat and brew over a fire or camp stove. Short on carry-on space? Try a travel french press that brews right into a travel mug.

Cold Brew

No access to hot water? If you have a little time, you can still have a cold brew! Just place two unopened Copper Cow prefilled pour-over filters into a mason jar, add about 16oz of water, and cover with the lid. Let it steep 8 hours or overnight - preferably in the fridge.

Pro tip: If you don’t have a fridge available, you can also safely make your cold brew (or rather, cold-ish brew) at room temperature if needed! Just reduce the steeping time and drink it within 24 hours for a fresher taste. 

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5 Tips for Better Coffee On the Go

  1. Invest in a great travel mug. If you’re a coffee person, you know: THE MUG MATTERS. A great travel cup that keeps your coffee hot (or icy, if that’s your style), fits nicely in a cupholder, and doesn’t spill when you’re speed walking or taking turns a little too fast is a must. Plus, everything just tastes better in a nice mug - it’s science. 
  2. Make it a latte. Black coffee is dependable. It’s practical. It’s simple. But if you prefer your coffee light and sweet, there’s nothing better than tossing a couple of our Classic Creamer or Mocha Creamer packets in your bag to transform that basic cup into something a little extra special.

  3. Bring an electric whisk. The height of luxurious coffee: that deliciously creamy, foamy top. You may not be able to bring a steamer on-the-go, but a small battery operated whisk can turn any coffee into a frothy delight. Just add your favorite creamer or plant-based milk and give it a quick whisk!

  4. Go for a flavor. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to settle for basic black coffee! Treat yourself to a flavored coffee for the perfect me-time moment wherever you go. Sipping a Lavender Latte made with real lavender at 30,000 feet? Delightful.

  5. Keep it fresh. If you're bringing your own ground coffee along, an airtight container is key to keeping that fresh flavor. If you're feeling fancy, a mini stainless or vacuum sealed canister is ideal, but some coffee lovers swear by film canisters to hold a perfect (and budget friendly) single serving of grounds.

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Take a Copper Cow Coffee Road Trip

No need to pack your favorite coffee or equipment - you can find Copper Cow Coffee and Creamers in-room at these hotels!

high country motor lodge copper cow coffee
high country motor lodge flagstaff

High Country Motor Lodge | Flagstaff, AZ

Thoughtfully designed with adventurers, explorers, and wanderers in mind, guests are encouraged to roll in, drop gear and relax on the communal lawn, sip craft beer from The General Store, go out into the woods, or self-center at the first Nordic Spa Experience in all of Arizona. No matter the point within their journey, H.C.M.L  offers a meaningful space to re-energize and realign after a long day’s travel. 

What to see 

Wedged between the Grand Canyon, Barringer Crater, and Route 66, the hotel offers a restful retreat and a jumping off point to the Arizona wilderness – all accessible for a day trip or a longer adventure. Take a hike in the nearby mountains or forests, see a historic site, or take a scenic drive and explore Flagstaff's local restaurants and culture.

Where to sip

Start the day on your terms - whether that first cup of Copper Cow Coffee is enjoyed from the coziness of your plush bed, sitting poolside, or next to a fire pit on the deck, the choice and experience are unique to each individual.

camp lucy dripping springs
camp lucy wedding venue

Camp Lucy | Dripping Springs, TX

Nestled on 282 acres in the heart of the Texas Hill country, Camp Lucy has grown into a full-scale resort over the last 10 years. With 5 state-of-the-art event venues, 41 luxury guest rooms and award-winning restaurant, Tillie’s, it is no secret, there is a lot to love. But what may be less obvious, and where the magic really takes shape, is in the hands of their world-class staff who work together to create the famous Camp Lucy Experience each day. 

What to see

Although Dripping Springs is formally designated the Wedding Capital of Texas, the area boasts an astounding number of local wineries, distilleries, breweries, and great shopping. And no trip to the Texas Hill Country would be complete without marveling at local parks and swimming holes.

Where to sip

Once you visit one of Camp Lucy’s guest rooms, it is easy to see why you’d never want to leave. Enjoy your coffee in-room for a private and relaxing start to the day (or afternoon pick-me-up) in the serene Texas Hill Country.

Need a Coffee for the Road?