Thai Iced Tea Contents - 5 thai tea drops, 5 sweetened condensed milk packets, mug with thai tea and tea drop
Thai Iced Tea box on gray background
"Thai Iced Tea" 1. Dissolve Tea Drop in 2 oz of hot water, 2. Stir in packet of sweetened condensed milk, 3. Add 2 oz of cold water, 4. Serve over ice and enjoy!, 5. Don't worry about the sediment - it's all natural!
Thai Iced Tea box with tall glass of thai iced tea on white background
Thai Iced Tea I 5-Pack

Thai Iced Tea I 5-Pack

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A full-bodied caffeinated green tea taken to the next level, our Thai Iced Tea packs some big personality. Brew it up, drizzle in our sweetened condensed milk creamer, serve it over ice, and you’ve got a refreshing, creamy drink perfect for hot afternoons. Or anytime, really.