Ginger Latte I 5-Pack
Ginger box on white background
Person tearing open coffee filter
Person spreading wings to place coffee filter on clear mug
Hot water being poured into coffee filter
Person pouring creamer into clear mug of coffee
Ginger box and clear mug with creamy coffee in it on white background
Ginger Latte I 5-Pack
50% less calories and sugar - Small Vanilla Latte (To-go coffee cup "You know who"): 200+ Calories, 30g of sugar, Copper Cow Coffee Classic Latte (clear mug with creamy coffee): 100 Calories, 17g of sugar

Ginger Latte I 5-Pack

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Ginger Latte is made with you in mind. Containing freshly ground ginger and our organic Vietnamese coffee, each latte is slightly spicy, sweet, and perfectly bold. Ginger is known to ward off nausea, prevent and fight infection, and help with overall aches and pains, so you can enjoy your morning cup a little extra... if that's even possible.