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The Pour Over Bar

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We get it. You’ve got to keep fueled, but the last thing you want is to run a coffee operation on top of your other to-dos. That’s why we’ve devised our Brew Station just for you. Each one comes ready-to-use in a gorgeous display that we’ll even ship straight to your home or your office. Just place it on your counter, and you’re open for business.

About the Coffee:

  • Our signature Vietnamese blend contains Robusta and Arabica beans organically sourced from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
  • This is one of the first high-end Robusta-based coffees on the market.
  • We start with Robusta for its high caffeine levels and deep flavor tones (both unique to Vietnamese coffee), and temper its bite with Arabica for a silky-smooth brew.

About the Creamer:

  • Copper Cow Creamers are made of 100% real milk & pure cane sugar (aka sweetened condensed milk).

What's Included:

  • 50 single-serving pour over filters
  • 50 single-serving Copper Cow creamers
  • A premium display tray for easy coffee deployment
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  • Nutritional Facts

    Serving size: 1 creamer packet. Calories 100 per serving, Calories from fat 23, Total Fat 2g, Saturated Fat 1.5g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 8mg, Sodium 31mg, Total Carbohydrate 17g, Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugars 17g, Protein 2g, Vitamin A 2%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 10%, Iron 0%

    Coffee ingredients: Organic Vietnamese Coffee

    Creamer ingredients: Milk, sugar

  • What's Included?

    50 Vietnamese coffee pour over pouches

    50 Single-serve sweetened condensed milk creamers

    1 premium display tray for easy coffee deployment

How we do things differently


The Easiest Office Coffee

No Hassle

Get coffee delivered right to your office. Don’t worry about remembering to reorder every month—choose your subscription, and we’ll do the rest.

No Maintenance

No more repairing and cleaning coffee machines. Let employees brew their own single-serve craft coffee in 60 seconds flat, without any equipment.

Cafe Quality

Elevate your office coffee with our unique and authentic brewing experience that takes you around the world for a cup of craft Vietnamese coffee.

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"I'm a coffee snob and this couldn't be more ideal for an office."

Jessica Tan

500 Startups, San Francisco


Pour over is an easy and elegant way to brew coffee. Unpackage our compostable filter, place it over a cup, and add hot water to enjoy speciality Vietnamese coffee.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened condensed milk is designed to balance the strong and full-bodied flavor of our dark roast and create the perfect cup of Vietnamese-style coffee.

Each packet of Copper Cow Creamer contains sweetened condensed milk made from real California milk and sugar.

No artificial flavors or preservatives. No refrigeration required.