Just Black Contents - 5 coffee pouches and clear mug with coffee filter hanging
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"Cold Brew" 1. Put unopened coffee filters into a sealable container 2. Add 6oz of water per filter used 3. Seal container and let brew overnight in fridge 4. Remove filters, add ice and enjoy!
Person tearing open coffee filter
Person spreading wings to place coffee filter on clear mug
Hot water being poured into coffee filter
Just Black box and clear mug with black coffee on white background

Just Black | 5-Pack

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It may surprise you, since it’s "Just Black” coffee — but really, this one's as rich and complex as they come. You can say it’s bold and blunt, straight to the point, and impossibly smooth. Left to its own devices, our black coffee really gets to showcase all the flavors that sing in our Vietnamese blend, ranging from its nutty, mocha undertones to the bite that keeps things interesting.

Our Just Black makes a great cold brew. See the instructions to the side to learn more.