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"I love the convenience and quality of this product!"

High Quality Coffee - ANYWHERE!

"The origami design that allows you to brew coffee instantly, is simply genius! You can immediately smell the fresh roasted coffee as you start to pour the hot water. Stir in as little or as much as you want of the silky condensed milk to liken your taste for sweetness. Copper Cow's quality beats office blends and certainly the coffee chain brews. I keep CCC in the office and gift to office staff who love it as well!"

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"Travelers and campers alike can rest easy knowing that their morning cup isn't going to suck."

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at Winter 2017 Fancy Food Show
"Vietnamese coffee on the go without all of the equipment."
-Specialty Food Association

"The experience of making pour-over coffee that tastes good and can be enjoyed at places like a beach at sunrise or camp in the backcountry ... a total luxury to have in the wild."
-She Explores