View of the Highlands of Dalat, Vietnam alongside sunset silhouettes of palm trees in California, USA.

Equal Parts Vietnam, California

Copper Cow Coffee is the brainchild of Vietnamese-American Debbie Wei Mullin. Our dedication to the environment, and the coffee that you consume on a daily basis (let’s be real) stems from a few things: namely Debbie’s love for Vietnamese coffee and culture, and her background in sustainability work. 

Put that all together, and you’ve got us — quality-obsessed, eco-friendly, and proud to be part of the 2% (and growing) of women-owned companies with venture funding.

These days you’ll find us working tirelessly towards Debbie’s dream of making Vietnamese coffee a household product, all while sipping a healthy number of lattes in our cozy Los Angeles office. 


Photo of Brian Haines

Debbie Wei Mullin

CEO, Founder

Debbie was born in California, years after her mom arrived from Vietnam in 1975. She studied sustainability in college and had a stint at the World Bank before going all in on pursuing her love of Vietnamese coffee. Fun fact: Debbie’s got quite the athletic streak. Not only was she captain of her high school wrestling team, but you can also count on her to bust out the worm on any dance floor.

Photo of Han Vi Pham

Jessica Franksen


Born and bred in Omaha, Nebraska, Jessica grew up with coffee (and entrepreneurship) in her veins, thanks to exposure to her dad’s coffee company. When she’s not booking impromptu trips abroad, finding new restaurants, or scoping out independent coffee shops, she’s busy doting on her one true love: her rescue pup, Olives Oprah.

Photo of Lillian Huynh

Kate Strollo

Director of Digital Marketing

Kate comes to the Copper Cow family all the way from Philadelphia, PA (Go Birds!) and has worked in music, podcasting, and all things digital for the past several years. She is passionate about creative marketing, listening to the latest podcasts, trying out local restaurants, and hanging out with her sassy Chihuahua.

Photo of Brian Haines

Brian Haines

Graphic Designer

Brian is a coast-hopper hailing from New York City via South Florida to Los Angeles, where he happily resides and drinks iced Mint Lattes today. He lives and breathes design and enjoys creating custom typography and illustrations. In his free time, he loves creating mixtapes to fuel his globetrotting, practicing yoga, and spending time with his doting cat.

Photo of Han Vi Pham

Han Vi Pham

Graphic Designer

Hailing from the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Han-Vi grew up in the region from which Copper Cow now sources its coffee. Fueled by her design background, she’s a frequent globetrotter eager to learn more about her craft from different parts of the world. As folks who know her put it: “She’s obsessed with making things, and even more obsessed with making things better.”

Photo of Lillian Huynh

Emilie Vieweg

Supply Chain Manager

As an LA native, Emilie grew up passionate about the beach (and the preservation of it), finding the next amazing concert, and sustainable living. You can always count on her for book recommendations, funny camping stories, and the best places to find vegetarian ramen.

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