The Best Office Coffee. Period.

(yes, free)

Great Company Culture Starts With Great Coffee

You wouldn’t give your employees fast food for lunch, so why are you still buying coffee pods? We’re so convinced you (and your employees) will love Copper Cow we'll let you try it for free. 

Our Coffee

The highest grade organic coffee from Vietnam for a bold bold dark roast with a complex nutty flavor.

Our Creamer

Only California milk and sugar. Never any artificial flavors or preservatives. Yup, that’s it.

Our Model

You sign up. We deliver your brew station.  Everyone brews perfection.  It’s that simple.

How We Do it

Our pour overs provide your employees with the highest quality cafe style coffee, without breaking your budget. 






The easiest office coffee

No Hassle

Get coffee delivered right to your office. Don’t worry about remembering to reorder every month—choose your subscription, and we’ll do the rest.

No Maintenance

No more repairing and cleaning coffee machines. Let employees brew their own single-serve craft coffee in 60 seconds flat, without any equipment.

No Complaints

Our filters contain real coffee grounds, with bold flavor and plenty of caffeine. Elevate your office coffee with crowd-pleasing Vietnamese craft coffee.

Brew Station Subscription

Your office kitchen just got cooler. Our monthly subscription is packed in a simple display tray, that will look great on the counter.

  • 50 Vietnamese coffee pour over filters
  • 50 sweetened condensed milk packets
  • Premium display tray
  • Automatic refill delivery 
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Brew Station

We pack our coffee in a beautiful office display that ships right to your office. You just put it on the counter. Simple, easy, effortless.

Each Copper Cow Brew Station provides:

  • 50 Vietnamese coffee pour over filters
  • 50 sweetened condensed milk packets
  • The easiest premium display tray
  • The love & adoration of your entire staff

"California-based Copper Cow Coffee has created a craveable Vietnamese-style cup you can whip up anywhere... The simple addition of hot water yields a strong, nutty brew, while the packet of sweetened condensed milk vastly outclasses other shelf-stable creamers. Now, going off the grid doesn’t have to mean forgoing your morning ritual."

Wall Street Journal 

Top Summer Product 2018

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"I'm a coffee snob and this couldn't be more ideal for an office."

Jessica Tan

500 Startups, San Francisco

Pour Over Craft

Pour over is an easy and elegant way to brew coffee. Unpackage our compostable filter, place it over a cup, and add hot water to enjoy speciality Vietnamese coffee.

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Each packet of Copper Cow Creamer contains sweetened condensed milk made from real California milk and sugar, designed to balance the strong and full-bodied flavor of our dark roast and create the perfect cup of Vietnamese-style coffee.

No artificial flavors or preservatives. No refrigeration required.

START providING your employees with the highest quality cafe style coffee.

Starting at $75 a month