Craving Cold Brew at Home?

We make it easy with our pre-packed coffee filters. 

Chill My Brew

We've crafted the perfect DIY cold brew...

Mason jar with unopened copper cow coffee filter pouch and water being poured in

Step 1

Place unopened filters of our Just Black coffee into a sealable container. Add 6 oz. of cold water per each filter. We recommend 2 filters for a 16 oz. mason jar.

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sealed mason jar with filter in it and black coffee

Step 2

Seal your container and let your filters brew overnight (or at least a minimum of eight hours) in your refrigerator. 

Let It Brew
mason jar of black iced cold brew coffee with straw

Step 3

Remove the filter from your container. Add your desired amount of ice and stir. Congrats, you've just made your own cold brew! 

Enjoy It

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person holding a glass of cold brew coffee with straw in front of a plant
glass jar of iced black cold brew coffee with straw on tray in front of a window and plant