Craving Cold Brew at Home?

We make it easy with our pre-packed coffee filters. 

Chill My Brew

We've crafted the perfect DIY cold brew...

Mason jar with unopened copper cow coffee filter pouch and water being poured in

Step 1

Place unopened filters of our Just Black coffee into a sealable container. Add 6 oz. of cold water per each filter. We recommend 2 filters for a 16 oz. mason jar.

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sealed mason jar with filter in it and black coffee

Step 2

Seal your container and let your filters brew overnight (or at least a minimum of eight hours) in your refrigerator. 

Let It Brew
mason jar of black iced cold brew coffee with straw

Step 3

Remove the filter from your container. Add your desired amount of ice and stir. Congrats, you've just made your own cold brew! 

Enjoy It

Start crafting your cold brew at home today.

We recommend trying out this recipe with our Just Black 5-Packs.

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person holding a glass of cold brew coffee with straw in front of a plant
glass jar of iced black cold brew coffee with straw on tray in front of a window and plant