Equal Parts Vietnam, California

Debbie Wei Mullin grew up in California, but her love of Vietnamese coffee was introduced to her by her Saigon-native mother. Debbie was convinced that her fellow bay-area coffee connoisseurs would go crazy for its unique flavor and potent caffeine power, so she made it her mission to bring it to the American masses.

Copper Cow Coffee is about merging the flavors Debbie grew up loving, with the best farming, roasting, and brewing practices of premium craft coffee. It’s about empowering everyone to make an amazing cup of coffee and introducing them to the world’s best-kept secret of Vietnamese coffee.

She assembled an all-women dream team (woo!) and built an innovative brewing technique for pour-over coffee using individual compostable bags and delicious Copper Cow Creamer sweet cream packets. Copper Cow is now one of the few women-owned companies to make up 2% of Venture Capital investment markets. (Check out Debbie’s story on the podcasts, The Pitch and Making the Brand.) Debbie and her Copper Cow team continue to work tirelessly to realize her dream of making Vietnamese coffee a household product.

Our Team

Debbie Wei Mullin

CEO, Founder

Lillian Mayer

Event Management & Sales

Debbie grew up with a mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Jewish-American home-cooking. Though originally from the bay area, she has lived and worked all across Asia, from Beijing to New Delhi, before relocating to Los Angeles, CA. Copper Cow Coffee reflects the depth of Debbie's travels as well as her stubbornness for recreating, transporting, and elevating the flavors she grew up loving, with a California twist.

Lillian's passion for working at the intersection of food, sustainability and community first started when she successfully established a food and housing cooperative in at her college in New York. Her work now at Copper Cow Coffee pulls on her strengths to bring people together now over delicious, sustainably-sourced Vietnamese coffee. When Lillian isn't at the office, you can usually find her planning an LA adventure or cooking up a storm for her friends