Equal Parts Vietnam, California

After the success launching Copper Cow Coffee’s parent company, Wei Pantry (now carried in Whole Foods, Dean & Deluca, and other specialty retailers), Debbie Wei Mullin set out to elevate one of her family’s favorite past times: Vietnamese coffee. In 2016, she traveled to her mother’s hometown Saigon, Vietnam in search of all natural, socially sustainable, specialty Vietnamese coffee.

Building off her network from MIT & her former career at the World Bank in Asia, Debbie found amazing people revolutionizing sustainable agricultural in Vietnam, and discovered the innovative brewing technique of our signature single serving pour over bags. Copper Cow Coffee was born.

Our Team

Debbie Wei Mullin

CEO, Founder

Debbie grew up with a mixture of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Jewish-American home-cooking. Though originally from the bay area, she has lived and worked all across Asia, from Beijing to New Delhi, before relocating to Los Angeles, CA. Copper Cow Coffee reflects the depth of Debbie's travels as well as her stubbornness for recreating, transporting, and elevating the flavors she grew up loving, with a California twist.

Jessica Franksen


Born and bred in Omaha, Nebraska, Jessica grew up with coffee and entrepreneurship in her veins thanks to her dad's coffee company. These days, you can find her booking impromptu trips to far-flung locales, discovering new restaurants, and scoping out independent coffee shops. Anyone who knows her will agree — her one true love is her rescue pup, Olives Oprah.

Han Vi Pham Thi

Graphic Designer

Hailing from the central highlands of Vietnam, Han-Vi grew up in an environment that celebrated coffee and its pure flavor. Han-Vi's design background has brought her to Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas to discover many cool designs around the world. Hanvi now wants to give a part of her life – coffee – its best presence through all the Copper Cow Coffee products.

Rachelle Castillo

Account Manager

On weekdays, Rachelle has a cup of coffee in hand, and on the weekends, probably a teacup. Growing up in the San Gabriel Valley, Rachelle lives and breathes the richness of Asian cultures within Los Angeles. Along with her passion for good food, drinks, and people, Rachelle has a storied career background in interior design, home décor, trade shows, and hospitality. She’s now enthusiastically conquering the beverage world with Debbie as her boss/mentor, one Vietnamese drip-coffee at a time.