Lavender Contents - 5 Lavender coffee pouches, 5 creamer packets and mug with coffee filter hanging on it and lavender sprig
Lavender Latte box on gray background
"Make it Iced" 1. Hang the filter over your cup 2. Wet grounds with hot water and wait 15 sec 3. Fill up filter 2x with hot water 4. Add creamer and stir 5. Serve over ice Enjoy!
Person tearing open coffee filter
Person spreading wings to place coffee filter on clear mug
Hot water being poured into coffee filter
Person pouring creamer into clear mug of coffee
Lavender Latte box and clear mug with creamy coffee in it on white background
Lavender Latte | 5-Pack
50% less calories and sugar - Small Vanilla Latte (To-go coffee cup "You know who"): 200+ Calories, 30g of sugar, Copper Cow Coffee Classic Latte (clear mug with creamy coffee): 100 Calories, 17g of sugar

Lavender Latte | 5-Pack

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For those days when you need a whole lot of hustle and just the right amount of chill, take a moment to unwind with Lavender Latte. And then get on conquering your day like we know you can.

Our Lavender Latte also tastes great iced! See the instructions to the side to learn more.

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