Is ginger the real deal?

The truth behind the “it” spice


Our new Ginger Latte

Before we move on to telling you why, the answer is yes. This health-packed root is everywhere these days (you pretty much can’t get a cold-pressed juice without it), and for good reason. Much like it’s relative, turmeric, which is present in our Golden Latte, ginger is a spice that adds deep flavor and a boost of immunity no matter which way you decide to consume it.

For the past couple centuries, ginger has been used as a medicinal herbal supplement to treat everything from inflammation (the root of many diseases, including pesky common colds), to digestive issues such as nausea. It is high in antioxidants, can be used for pain relief and soreness, and is known to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. When people use the term “superfood”, it’s no wonder that ginger is often at the top of the list. 

Although ginger coffee is a South Indian specialty, you’re probably still wondering how it ended up in your cup of Copper Cow. Besides all of the powerful health benefits, Ginger Latte’s taste is special in its own right. If you’ve tried our other coffee flavors, you know that our bold Vietnamese blend of Arabica and Robusta beans is strong with nutty and mocha undertones. The addition of precisely 1 gram of freshly ground ginger results in a pour over that is slightly spicy (in the best way), and balanced out by our signature sweetened condensed milk creamer. 

Ginger Latte was made with you in mind, because we all deserve to wake up well  with a self-care routine that’s both simple and satisfying. Treat yourself to Ginger today.

Ginger Latte…

Tastes: Aromatic, zesty, spicy, warm

Plays well with: Fruit, a chocolatey pastry, gingerbread 

Is perfect for: An energizing afternoon boost or “under-the-weather” type of morning